Oh shoes!

16 February 2010

So I got a shoe mania. I think every single girl on the planet does. My personal obsession are boots. I see boots everywhere. Boots, Boots, Boots. Black, brown, studded, flats or heels, high or low, suede, leather, balmain, dolce gabanna, chloe or nine west, I see them everywhere. And for some reason I always -no matter what happens or how many pair I already own- need a new pair of amazing boots. I don't know if it's because I've spent most of my life on a tropical island that I am in total need of boots, but it's okay, I am not afraid to say I LOVE BOOTS. And I am not afraid to say I love shoes. I feel bad because I spend 90 percent of my time barefoot or in havaianas, but I live for these 10 percent left where shoes rule my world. And as someone said once said, "A well dressed girl without amazing shoes is not well dressed enough!" Thanks mister shoes.


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