Tahitian Diaries

14 September 2012

Here are couple of memories from my trip to Tahiti with Patrick.

1. Welcome to Paradise. We stayed at my friends' beautiful house on the beach in Moorea, feet away from crystal blue water, miles of sand and a one of the most perfect right hand reef break any surfer could dream of. Yes, paradise. 2. Trees for days. Colours are so vibrant in Tahiti. 3 & 4. Beautiful afternoon, playing around on the beach. This is what we did for 2 weeks. Enjoyed the sun, soaked in as many ray of happiness that we could. This is what people do here in Tahiti: enjoy life. 5. If you have never been to French Polynesia, you cannot possibly know how good this fish is. This is what I am craving all year long: red tuna carpaccio, home made, taste of paradise (yes I think I am going to use a lot this word here!). 6, 7, 8 & 9. Best friends playing around. 10. Perfect breakfast: papaya, lemon, grapefruit. 11. Pups are ready for a ride! 12 & 13. Each and every night sunsets are more and more beautiful. And each and every night, we are so amazed and grateful to be able to witness mother nature.  14. Patrick was in Tahiti to surf during the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, a World Tour event for surfing. Here is a photo of the path leading to the beach where the opening ceremony of the contest was held. Teahupoo is an incredible place, undoubtedly one of the best wave in the world surrounded by magical mountains which create a spiritual atmosphere. 15. P having a local dance during the ceremony, I know he is such a great dancer! 16. Smiles and Shakas. 17. Tahitian belly flops. Indeed Mr Gudauskas decided to throw me overboard, and not only once! 17. Mum and I posing on our little private deck. 18, 19 & 20. Post surf session in the hotel's pool. We stayed right in front of my home break, Taapuna, a perfect little left, running for days. Every morning at 5 am, we woke up and paddled across the channel to surf at sunrise. Nothing beats the feeling of getting on an empty perfect surf spot. 21.The market, where you can find all kind of treasures and beautiful people. 22 & 23. Pool side and margaritas. Yes life is hard in Tahiti! 24. My cat woman sunglasses, gift from Patrick, who decided I should be cat woman for Halloween, I said yes but only if he is batman! By the way, I love them. 25 & 26. We went on a journey to find waterfalls at the top of tahitian mountains. It was breathtaking. The energy deployed by these tones of water dropping on the ground was indescribable. Of course, Pat (dressed in camouflage), had to jump in the water. I joined, but to tell you the truth, I was so scared. 27. Sunset. 28. I think he LOVES iced coconuts! 29. Posing harbour side. After this, we decided to built a similar little chair. 30. Canon Balls. 31. Nala, or the biggest cat you will ever see! We believe she has diabetes. 32. Perfect view. 33. Happy faces after a day of surfing! 34 & 35. Polynesian scenarios. 36 & 37. Patrick or the definition of stoke. Wearing his ukelele shirt while playing ukelele and drinking some Hinano, at sunset. 38. More waterfalls. 39. Puppies we came across one night. I would have stolen one, or five of them. They were so cute. 40. Another perfect day, with another perfect view. 41. Treasures form the ocean... We spent hours walking on the beach, collecting shells. 42. Road tripping in Rag and Bone. 43. Lazy pool day. 44. Adventure: Walking our kayaks to the beach. We then paddled out to my favourite wave in Moorea, and surfed for couple of hours. 45. Church hidden in the forest. 46. Mum and I cruising on our kayaks in the channel, watching Patrick get barrelled for hours. 47. Surfed out. 48. Our friends the sting rays. We went to swim with rays, they are so gracious and beautiful in the water. We chased them for couple of hours, swimming around pretending we were dolphins. 49. Googles! 50. This trip was amazing. A big thank you to every one of our friends. Cant wait to be back.


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