San Sebastian

25 October 2012

(Patrick, Dane, Tanner, Dylan, Reagan & myself)

 Team Stoke adventures to the spanish boarder.

Adventure. This is what a day in San sebastian looks like. Pure. We found some swell in the beautiful town of San Sebastian and every one was smiling. What a beautiful city, what beautiful people. The boys shaped some boards with new lines that they tried in the rolling waves. The love gun. The air was salty, we drank beers, we skated around the parking lot, watched people crushing the shore break, wild cats were running around town, we duck dived, got lost in the water, ate sandwiches, laughed at stoned people, watched the sun set wishing it would never end.


  1. Great shots, and great blonde hair and tan ;)

  2. I´m a girl from Bilbao (SPain) near San Sebastian.
    Thank U for coming to our town. Do u like it?
    You are so lucky to leave in Tahiti.
    We have "similar style of life" but with bad weather the whole year

    Love your blog.



  3. You and your boyfriend are soooo cute!! I was wonering (if you wouldn't mind and it is not too personal) how did you meet?? And what did you feel?? I met a boy a few days ago and i' m a little confuse haha


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